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People-Pleasing: Are you turning your back on yourself?

We’re taught at an early age to be responsible, to be kind to others and to avoid becoming selfish. Without these values, our survival as a species would be in question. So how do you know when you’ve crossed the line from caring to people-pleasing?

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Does Authenticity Come at a Price?

It seems that some people confuse authenticity with saying or doing whatever they want. This post discusses people pleasing & whether being authentic comes at a price.

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10 Signs You Might Be a Pushover

Every day we make choices – choices that determine everything from how we spend our time to how we feel about ourselves. Do you often wonder what happened to your day – or your week? Do you look back and realize that you spent it doing what others wanted you to do?

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Are You a People Pleaser?

By now we all realize that being a people-pleaser has its downside. Putting other people’s needs before your own can lead to exhaustion, frustration and an unfulfilling life. You can’t say yes to what’s most important to you without saying no to distractions. But, of course, staying too focused on yourself makes for a lonely life. So where do you draw the line? When do you stop trying to please everyone?

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Making Excuses

In the first post of this series on people-pleasing, we looked at the downside of needing approval. We also explored the decision-making process. Now let’s look at another sign: making excuses. Often it’s a good idea to tell someone why you can’t do as...

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How to Deal with People Pleasing

In the first three parts of this series, we explored some of the more common signs of the "disease to please". Now I’d like to discuss some of the top causes and how to deal with people pleasing. Signs of being a people-pleaser People-pleasers have at...

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