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How can you make things right when you’ve done nothing wrong?

In a healthy relationship, you usually know when something’s wrong. And when you ask if there’s a problem, you get an honest answer. “I’m feeling hurt because you didn’t include me yesterday.” Or “It seems to me that I’m doing most of the work on this project, and that doesn’t feel good.” You talk things over.

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Setting Boundaries When a Friend Has Wronged You

Setting boundaries with a friend is often hard! A while ago, someone found my website by searching on what is now the title of this post. I learned this while reading a letter that a friend had written to another friend after being treated badly. So I...

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The Need to Be Right

How often do you find yourself stuck in a pointless debate, disagreeing with someone over something that doesn’t matter? Or maybe it does matter, and you just can’t make any headway. What do you do? Here are some tips to keep you centered in the heat of...

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Buy Yourself Time

“Until you pause long enough to analyze a situation, you will continue to be a yes-person – annoyed with yourself and often annoyed with the person you couldn’t say no to.” – Susan Newman, Ph.D. This is so true. If you want to spend your time well, and if...

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How Boundaries Make Relationships Work

Relationships and Boundaries When we think of making a relationship work, we often think of compromise and sacrifice. And while we certainly need flexibility in our closest relationships, we also need to balance that flexibility with a strong sense of our...

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