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21 Ways to Stop Being Manipulated

Let’s face it: being manipulated sucks. Possibly the only thing worse than being manipulated is having to admit our dirty little secret. When we realize we’ve been had, we feel stupid, weak and ashamed. And it doesn’t end there. If we keep falling for their tricks, manipulators leave us with a bad feeling about the world around us.

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How to deal with passive-aggressive people

We’ve all heard about passive-aggressive people, and most of have probably called someone passive-aggressive (at least in our thoughts). But in my research, I discovered that passive aggression isn’t what most think it is. Internet and other “experts” are a bit mixed up when it comes to this term – and so are the rest of us.

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Better Boundaries: How Do I Convince People to Accept My Answer?

Setting boundaries can be tough. What do you do when your answer is “no”, but the other person won’t accept it? You’ve explained your situation, you’ve apologized for the inconvenience (or whatever problem your refusal has apparently caused) … you’ve even commiserated about how tough this is. But he or she just won’t budge.

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