Set Your Boundaries Your Way: No Guilt. No Games. No Drama. A boundaries book that helps you with those difficult choices.

How do we go about setting boundaries that respect not only our relationships, but ourselves as well?

At some point, we’ve all faced having to make difficult choices about what’s right for us and the situation we find ourselves in.

Often, there are no easy answers. But there are principles and guidelines that can help you to make good decisions: decisions that support your values and beliefs while still taking reality into account. That’s why I wrote this book Set Your Boundaries Your Way.

Setting boundaries in difficult situations

Often we face difficult situations where we struggle with our choices around if and whether and how to set boundaries. This book helps to :

  • Discover your values and beliefs about the situation;
  • Determine whether you’re dealing with reasonable or unreasonable people;
  • Understand the consequences of not setting boundaries;
  • See the potential for missing or inaccurate information;
  • Explore the need to accept others’ choices as well as your own limitations;
  • Acknowledge the many lies that run around in your head, persuading you to give away your power;
  • Deal with the painful emotions (such as guilt and shame) that we all try so hard to avoid; and
  • Master your own boundaries.

A step-by-step approach

In this book, Steph presents a step-by-step approach that shows you how to get to a point, quickly and easily, where you are comfortable with the boundaries you choose to put in place.

The principles explored in Set Your Boundaries Your Way include:

  • Understanding yourself;
  • Knowing who you are dealing with;
  • Understanding the consequences of failing to set boundaries;
  • Knowing what’s missing;
  • Sorting out the lies;
  • Dealing with the emotions; and
  • Harnessing acceptance.

Reading this book will transform the way you look at boundaries as well as the choices you make in difficult situations.

This book is available on Kindle and in paperback.

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