What About Me?: The Insider’s Guide to Better Boundaries

Sometimes you just want to scream.

You look after everyone; you’d think they’d return the favor once in a while. But whether it’s about time, money or just the chance to relax and have a little fun, it seems you’re last on the list. Every list.

Other people seem to be getting what they want from their lives – so why not you?

To answer that question, you’ll need to learn what stops you from setting good boundaries and sticking to them. It may seem like a mystery now, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Start reading today and you’ll learn:

  • 8 reasons you don’t trust your instincts;
  • 17 half-truths that stop you from living your own life;
  • 8 communication mistakes that destroy your boundaries;
  • 8 ways your emotions can hijack your decisions, sometimes without you even knowing it;
  • 7 guilt traps and how to escape them;
  • 4 types of pressure and how to overcome them gracefully; and
  • 8 clues that you might be paying more attention to other people’s opinions than your own.

You’ll also get a better understanding of when setting boundaries is important – and when they’re just a waste of time.

Why would you want to know all this? So that you can put yourself first when it really matters – without losing the support or respect of the people who matter to you.

Don’t wait any longer; start reading today. Learn how you’ve given away your life – and what it takes to get it back. Isn’t it time you did something for you?


This book is available in paperback.


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