How will better boundaries help you in 2017?

It’s that time of year again. Out with the old, in with the new … Who doesn’t love the idea of a fresh start?

There’s just one problem with that: We don’t get to leave anything behind. If you’ve been struggling to set good boundaries in 2016, they’re not going to suddenly set themselves in the new year.

So before that new day dawns, let’s take a look at some of the challenges we can expect to face in 2017 – and how better boundaries can help us through them.

Not Enough Time

Let’s face it. Time just seems to be whizzing past, faster and faster. Knowing how to spend your time and with whom is more important than ever. Do you really want to be spending it on everyone else’s priorities? The only way to start protecting your time is to decide what matters most to you – and learn to say no to people and things who aren’t on that list.

So Many Distractions

We are more distracted than ever. Whether it’s at work, at home or in our “free” time, many of us have too much on our plates – and new things to deal with every day. Before we know it, we’ve lost sight of our priorities. Take the time to decide what goals you want to achieve in 2017 and what boundaries you are going to put in place – both for yourself and others – so that you don’t get too distracted.

Where are my values?

The world is a crazy place, and it seems to get crazier by the year. It’s super important to know what’s right or wrong for you. What are you going to tolerate – or not! – in 2017? Be clear on this so that you can make the right choices for yourself.

Pleasing Everyone

When you’re truly living your life, you’re not likely to please everyone. Being too nice can stop you from living a meaningful, fulfilling and authentic life. Being a good person doesn’t mean doing everyone else’s bidding. In fact, being too nice leaves you with relationships that feel empty and one-sided. Remember to put yourself on that long list of people you take care of. It will do you – and your relationships – a world of good!

Avoiding Arguments

No one to fight (at least, no one I know!). But sometimes it’s necessary. Are you running away from conflict? If so, how much is that costing you? You may think that keeping the peace is worth the price – but is it really? Consider the true cost. Are you free to be yourself, or are you pretending everything is OK when it isn’t? How do you feel about the people whose tempers you’re avoiding? And even more importantly, how do you feel about yourself? If you’re tired of running, make 2017 the year you learn to stand up for yourself.

Final Words

Whether you are presented with these challenges or not, take the time to contemplate what you want out of 2017. What kind of year do you want this to be? Then think about how to create that for yourself. What boundaries must you put in place to help you to achieve your dreams?

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